​​London-based DJ Stace tours the capital and beyond taking crowds on an unexpected bass driven, house fuelled, tech voyage. Influenced by early 80’s hip hop, electronic drum machines and synths, he builds an energetic frenzy through sets for clubgoers which is reflected in his infinite vigour behind multiple decks.

Having played in all of the UK’s major music cities, DJ Stace’s passion has taken him further afield to international venues from France to Portugal and of course, Ibiza.

Favouring four decks over the standard two, DJ Stace parties with an infectious love for his craft blending different, and often surprising, genres to create his own unique house sound.


His reputation for packed, dynamic events grew as he ran RANDOM, a wildly successful underground club night eight years in the making. RANDOM’s birthplace was the avant-garde Shoreditch scene and whilst it resides in East London still, it has travelled to venues such as Ministry of Sound. RANDOM’s journey will only continue to thrive under the watchful eye of this DJ.